WOOLITECARPET Privacy Statement

BISSELL Homecare, Inc. is committed to earning and keeping your confidence and trust. This commitment exists not only for our website, but extends to any interaction you may have with BISSELL Homecare, Inc. Accordingly, we strictly adhere to our corporate privacy policy to ensure that the personal information you provide is not misused in any way.


Providing information is not required when using our Internet Website. The only personal information we collect is volunteered information from our visitors. This includes (but is not limited to) your name, address, e-mail, credit card, telephone, and ordering information. Such information is used to fulfill your request, as well as enhance your relationship with BISSELL Homecare, Inc. and its strategic partners. BISSELL Homecare, Inc. and its partners will occasionally distribute information and offers that may be of interest to you. Any information or offer that is circulated will be sent only to those people who may find the offer relevant. If you would like to add your name, change your personal information, or be removed from our mailing list, please contact us at: BISSELL Homecare, Inc., 2345 Walker Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544 or send an e-mail to customerservice@woolitecarpet.com.

Computer Tracking and Identifiable Information

The BISSELL Homecare, Inc. Web Site uses domain names (not e-mail addresses) to track user behavior within our site. This tracking data helps us determine how to upgrade and enhance our Site and make it more enjoyable for our users. Because BISSELL Homecare, Inc. does not trace or extract personal user information, the data that is collected is and can only be used for statistical purposes. These statistics are considered confidential and are held to the same privacy standards as personal information. Also, because we do NOT use e-mail addresses for our tracking, you can be assured we are not integrating these statistics with your personal e-mail address. As a service to our regular users, BISSELL Homecare, Inc. may offer "cookies" that recognize specific users. These small text files are placed on your hard drive and save you the time of having to register each time you visit our website. Participation in this service is voluntary, and the user may discontinue service at any time by e-mailing customerservice@woolitecarpet.com.

Questions or Comments

BISSELL Homecare, Inc. welcomes your questions, comments and concerns related to our privacy policy or any other aspect of our business. We encourage you to contact us at customerservice@woolitecarpet.com to address any issues. BISSELL Homecare, Inc. reserves the right to alter this policy at any time, and is not responsible for the privacy practices of participants in its various programs. BISSELL Homecare, Inc. will not disclose or disseminate information received as of the time we change our policy without the express permission of the customer involved. Thank you for using WOOLITECARPET.com! We appreciate your business and respect your personal privacy.