Oxy Deep®

Oxy Deep®
Oxygen Activated System

Attacks Tough Stains So They Won't Reappear
  • Permanently removes tough set-in stains
  • Eliminates household stains and odors
  • Leaves carpet smelling fresh

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    Can Oxy Deep® be used on Upholstery?

    This product is designed for carpet use only. There is a separate cleaner specifically designed to treat soiled upholstery. We recommend you try Fabric & Upholstery.

    Why do my fingers turn white after using Oxy Deep®?

    One of the very effective cleaning agents in this product is Hydrogen Peroxide. Certain people may be affected by this product when it comes in contact with their skin; it may turn the skin white and/or cause tingling. Applying hand lotion will remove the white discoloration.

    Why does my carpet look “bleached” in the area I’ve sprayed Oxy Deep®?

    Experience has taught us when the carpet looks “bleached” most likely the carpet is cleaner in those areas. Misting warm water over the area should aid in returning the carpet to its original color. Be careful not to oversaturate the area.