Carpet Stain Remover

Rug Stick® Kit

No Longer Available
Spray, Scrub & Vacuum for a Quick Deep Clean
  • Lifts dirt and stains by pushing foam cleaner deep into the carpet fibers
  • The foam then lifts dirt and stains to the top of the carpeting, allowing you to easily vacuum them away
  • Improved edge cleaning and wider cleaning path

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    What is the Woolite Rug Stick®?

    It’s a new way to quickly, easily, and conveniently clean heavy traffic areas. Just grab the Rug Stick from the cleaning closet and it’s ready to go – no mess or fuss. This device includes a 5-piece handle that fits into a cleaning foot with spray nozzles and brush. The Heavy Traffic® can snaps into the foot and allows the consumer to apply the foam and brush in one simple process. Best of all, the Rug Stick gets the foam deep down into the carpet fibers allowing for a deep thorough clean.

    How do you use the Rug Stick?

    Once you get the kit home:

    1. Assemble the 5-piece handle and lock into foot. Pop the 9 oz trial size can (or 22 oz refill) into the cleaning foot.
    2. Shake can well – either before you put into the stick or while on the stick. This will need to be done throughout the cleaning process.
    3. Move the green lever on the brush head to spray (from lock) position.
    4. Turn the stick with the green brushes facing up and pull the stick towards you. Doing this will automatically dispense the foam.
    5. Flip the stick over and brush in multiple directions until dirt and fibers are loosened.
    6. Let dry, then vacuum. For best results, use a BISSELL vacuum.
    How do you achieve the best cleaning?

    The key to achieving a good cleaning is to apply the foam thoroughly and brush in multiple directions. Once the foam is dry, a vacuum with good suction is recommended to ensure all the dirt and debris is extracted.

    What areas can I use the product?

    The Rug Stick is safe for use on area rugs, carpet, and upholstery including wool, nylon, acrylic and stain resistant carpet. Do not use on velvet, silk, leather, vinyl, natural fiber rugs (sisal), or cotton and always be sure to pretest in an inconspicuous area.

    What products work in the Rug Stick?

    The Rug Stick was specially designed to work with Woolite Heavy Traffic® and Woolite One Step®. The competitive products such as Resolve Hi Traffic® and 409® foam do not work in the Rug Stick.

    What is the Suggested Retail Price?

    $12.99 for the kit. $4.29 for the Heavy Traffic can.

    What is included in the Kit?

    The kit includes the 5 piece handle, individually wrapped, the foot, and a 9 oz. Heavy Traffic trial can.

    Is there a warranty included with purchase?


    What is the case pack?

    2 per case.

    Where in the store is the Rug Stick located?

    In the household cleaning aisle, next to the other Woolite carpet and upholstery products.

    The can doesn’t fit into the Rug Stick?

    Was the cap removed? If not, please remove to allow the can to fit.
    Is it a Woolite foam cleaning product – Heavy Traffic or One Step? If you are trying to use a different product, they will not fit into the Rug Stick.

    What if too much foam is put down?

    Brush the area you are cleaning so the foam is thoroughly applied.
    After a few minutes, the foam will break down and dissipate into the carpet.
    The foam will build up on the Rug Stick. Just rinse when you are done and store.
    Too much foam will not harm your carpet. The foam crystals, along with the dirt and debris, will be captured when you vacuum.
    And, since the Woolite Heavy Traffic formula contains Scotchgard™ protector, you will have protected your carpet well.

    I can’t get the foam to dispense.

    Be sure to move the green lever from lock to spray position. If it’s in lock, the foam will not dispense.
    Also, be sure to shake the can well. This should be done often during the process. If the can has sat for some time, very little foam will come out and it could be runny. Shaking well is an instruction on any foam product. This is not an exception to the Woolite Rug Stick system.

    Where can the Rug Stick be stored?

    Because it’s small, it can really fit anywhere. You can lean it in the corner, be sure to put the green lever in lock position, or it can hang.

    Can the Heavy Traffic still be used alone, without the Rug Stick?

    As currently directed, the Heavy Traffic formula can be used without the Rug Stick. The unique spray-through cap makes applying the foam easy.

    How much coverage can you get with the 9 oz trial size can? 22 oz?

    Coverage depends on how fast (or slow) you apply the foam. The faster, the less amount of foam is dispensed therefore, the more coverage. Also, it depends on the severity of the area being cleaned. The dirtier the carpet, the more foam. As a guide, at a medium pace and average soil level, the 9 oz trial would cover a 4’ x 6’ area rug.


    Resolve Hi Traffic is a trademark of Reckitt Benckiser
    Formula 409 is a trademark of The Clorox Company
    Scotchgard is a trademark of 3M